Proposed Changes to Chapter Bylaws

Edits and updates have been made to the Northwest Chapter's bylaws by the NWAAPM Executive Committee. The proposed changes have PASSED by overwhelming majority in a vote of the membership. If you missed the revisions, click the link below to review the changes and the accepted version of the constitution/bylaws. 

Chapter Bylaws Revision


Many thanks to everyone who helped with our successful fall chapter meeting that was held in Seattle on September 14th at the Swedish Education and Conference Center located on Swedish's Cherry Hill campus. Over 80 people attended the meeting.  Photos of the meeting can be found by clicking here. We also had a very successful TG-100 workshop on August 24th at the  Swedish Issaquah Campus.

We are already planning our spring meeting that will be held May 17th, 2019 at the Red Lion Inn on the River in Portland, Oregon. This meeting will include a Young Investigator's session and a SLAM event. Mark you calendars.

Chapter History

For 43 years, the Northwest Chapter of the AAPM has brought together medical physicists in the Pacific Northwest.  Learn more about the NWAAPM and the history of innovations in radiation oncology and medical imaging in our region.  

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The Northwest Chapter of the AAPM is a regional chapter of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine ( covering the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.  We hold two educational meetings each year with a goal of advancing the science, education and professional practice of Medical Physics.

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