2019 NWAAPM Presidential Candidate

Our President-elect, Anton Eagle, has accepted a position in Colorado and will be unable to serve as president.  As such, we are holding elections to fill the vacant position.

Jeff Moriano, a diagnostic physicist who works at UW has agreed to run for President.  Jeff's statement and CV are below.

"I received my MS degree in Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin. I worked for several years as a clinical diagnostic physicist serving a large health system in Texas. I then moved to the University of Washington-Seattle where I have been part of the diagnostic physics section for 4 years. I have volunteered my time on several committees and projects within the AAPM, and I currently serve as vice chair of the Spring Clinical Meeting. 

Through this position, I would like to continue to encourage collaboration and open discussion between medical physicists in the region. Physicists from all practice types and all have valuable expertise to share and by stimulating and strengthening relationships we will advance both knowledge within the field and clinical patient care. I would like to motivate all medical physicists in the region to participate in chapter meetings, but would like to provide means for those who are unable to attend to learn from and contribute to the discussions."

 - Jeff Moirano (CV)


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The Northwest Chapter of the AAPM is a regional chapter of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (www.aapm.org) covering the  states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.  We hold two educational meetings each year with a goal of advancing the science, education and professional practice of Medical Physics.
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